If you have been following tech news this year. You would have noticed that Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all trying to make devices cheaper and more friendly. They are all competing for the education space. School systems will pay thousands of dollars for devices, charging carts, accessories and software. So all these companies want to release devices that both teachers and students are happy to use. Google and Microsoft’s approach is very different from Apple. Unlike other companies, Apple makes both the software (iOS) and the hardware (iPads, iPhones, etc). This means that Apple can finetune there software, because they know exactly what devices they run on. Microsoft and Google are different, while they do make first party devices, they also let their software on other devices. Google has been slowly taking over the education space with Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a lightweight easy to use operating system based on the Google Chrome web browser. This means that it easily links with other Google services like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Classroom. Schools have been choosing Chrome OS devices because not only are they easy to use, but are a good price. Once Apple and Microsoft saw how they we’re taking over the space, they instantly moved to start creating devices and software to help them take over this large market. Apple moved to realize a new iPad. iPads have been a part of the education market, but once Chromebooks came along they slowly we’re edged out because of the’re price and lack of compatibility with some softwares. Apple wanted to fix this, so they released a new iPad for $320USD. This means that it was about the price of a mid-range Chromebook. Then Microsoft wanted to start taking over the space, so they started with software. Microsoft released Windows 10S. A version of Windows 10 that only allows apps from the Windows Store. This is supposed to compete with ChromeOS, but in my opinion it seems rushed. In my experience the Windows Store doesn’t really have the best apps and most of the time the developer just makes a better version that you can download off their website. Even the Skype app, which Microsoft owns, is bad from the Windows Store. This leave a difficult decision for what device to buy for students. Many schools have been choosing Chromebooks and I agree with that choose. They are easy to use, have easy to use admin features, and have great intergration with Google Classroom. Since technology is different for everyone, I want to hear your opinion. Below are two StrawPolls, please choose which device you would pick for yourself and which you would pick to provide for the school.

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The Battle for Educational Devices
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