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Wizards Overall Postseason

The wizards postseason ended disappointingly when they lost in the first round to the Toronto Raptors. The Wizards were able to win two home games however, pushing the series to 6 games before losing 4-2. The raptors won the firs two and last two games in the series. John Wall played very well and did all he could to push his team forward, but the rest of the team wasn’t putting out as much hustle. Bradley Beal had good moments through the game, but was unable to make any shots in clutch time when the Wizards needed him most. In fact, one game the Wizards were down by a couple baskets with 5 minutes left when Beal got fouled out. The Wizards still came back and won to tie up the series. Image result for beal fouls out vs raptors

The Wizards ended up winning byu double digits that game, showing that although Bradley Beal had 31 that game, they didn’t need him to close out the game. Otto Porter was also injured throughout the series which showed as he did not play as well. He still played in the first 5 games before sitting out due to surgery. Otto Porter could have been a game changer and pushed the Wizards to win the series.

Wizards Playoff Push

The wizards are currently down 3-2 in the playoffs against the Toronto Raptors. Just one game away from elimination, they must win two in a row to advance to the second round. They will have one game at home in Washington and one game in Toronto.

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John Wall has been playing great coming off of his injury. He’s averaging about 27 points, 12 assists, 6 rebounds, 1.4 blocks, and 2.6 steals. Bradley Beal has also been playing well, except at the end of games in the clutch. He missed several open shots to tie the game and take the lead. If he was able to connect on some of these shots, the Wizards could be leading in the series.

One issue the Wizards have is their defense. They have had trouble guarding Demar Derozan as he is averaging just under 30 points a game. They are also leaving the Raptor’s shooters open, giving up many open three point shots. Their next game will be on Friday April 27th to try and tie the series.