Offseason moves

With the disappointing end to their season by losing in the first round, they look to the offseason to further improve their team. They started off by extending the contract of their General Manager, Ernie Grunfeld. This was an unpopular move as he has not had much success. He has been GM since 2003 and they have not made it past the Eastern Conference Semi Finals.

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They will also be developing young players such as Kelly Oubre, Devin Robinson, and whoever they pick with the 15th pick in the 2018 draft. With a high quality draft class, this pick could potentially turn into an all-star who could push the wizards further into the playoffs.  They will also be targeting big name free agents such as Deandre Jordan and Demarcus Cousins. With the decline of Marcin Gortat, a center is needed in order to get success.

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