Changes coming for the Wizards

On wednesday January 17, the wizards gave up the most points all season, losing 133-109 on the road to the Hornets. The wizards lose another game to a poor team, making their record

After the huge loss coach Scott Brooks told the media, “We have to change some things. We’ve gotta find guys that will compete.”

Bradley Beal also confirmed this by saying, “He was beyond furious after the game. He’s going to make changes for sure.”

This could could mean an upcoming trade, or more likely a change in the lineup. With the trade deadline still far away, they’re not likely to rush anything.

For lineup changes, Wall and Beal are probably going to stay. Brooks could add the improving Kelly Oubre Jr. into the line up for either Porter or Markieff. When Oubre comes in for Markieff, they have had one of the most efficient lineups in the league. With Ian Mahinmi performing better they could add him in for the declining Marcin Gortat. The Wizards definitely need more defense as they allow almost 106 points per game.



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