Artificial Intelligence Regulation New Audience

I sent my communication to my dad because he is familiar with computer science and programming in general. Additionally, he is also interested in the field of artificial intelligence and I talk with him about the subject from time to time. My rhetorical situation influenced me to create a google site because my paper hit on many different aspects of artificial intelligence regulation, so I knew I could easily break up the material into small panels with images. This seemed like the easiest way to reach a large audience and the google sites builder left me with almost unlimited options. Although my paper had many different points, it was very long winded. This does not work well for the easy-access format a website provides, so I had to pare down my sentences a bit. Another way my medium influenced me was the way in which I introduced information. My goal was to make the website comprehensible enough for someone with little background information to be able to understand the implications of AI regulation, as well as what is being done currently to create positive growth. Due to this, I wanted to present the information in a way so that it builds on itself and the reader does not find any terms they are unfamiliar with before they have been defined.

High School Basketball

As someone who hasn’t played any high school sports until this year, basketball workouts have been a unique experience for me. Over the summer, I played a lot of pickup games at LA Fitness and other outdoor courts around Leesburg. However, nothing could have prepared me for what I would have to do for the Heritage team.

I joined a month or two after the workouts had already started, so many of my teammates were already conditioned and used to the running we had to do. This was not the case for me. Running four miles in a 20 lb weighted vest had a long and arduous adjustment period that pushed me to my limits and left me exhausted after every practice. After going three times a week every week, it is finally no longer as grueling as it once was.

There are only two more workouts before tryouts, which start November 10th. I’m really excited for the upcoming season and I hope I make the team. If all goes well, the hard work and dedication I have put in the last three months will pay off!

Washington Sports

Oh boy here we go. Washington sports. Where should I even start? I don’t even want to talk about the Redskins, but I guess I will give a short summary of every Redskins game for the last 10 years. In important games, they actually perform well, good defense, touchdowns, critical penalties, etc. However, this is simply a farce they uphold until the fourth quarter at which point they completely fall apart at the seams. All they are doing is getting my hopes up just to smash them, broken and lifeless, onto another season of failure and regression. I have stood loyally by the Redskins my entire life, but inevitably, even my patience is wearing thin. Perhaps it is just time to pick a new football team.

The Washington Capitals. Hockey is definitely one of the most underrated sports around today. It’s high intensity and fast pace make for heart racing games that can be either exciting or infuriating. Although it took many years, the Capitals finally won the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history in 2018. This was a long time in the works and well deserved. Alexander Ovechkin is arguably the greatest hockey player to ever wear skates and no one needed a championship more than him.

Finally, we arrive at the Washington Nationals. I really want to see this team win, but right now they are making it so hard. After winning the first two games of the world series away at Houston, they returned to D.C. only to lose two games, and then another back at the Astros stadium. With the series at 2-3, it is now or never for the Nats. Although they have been performing well in elimination games so far this postseason, the Astros are unlike any team they have played so far and completely stacked. Another championship team in D.C. would be huge, and bring a lot of happiness to the fans here.

Regardless of the future for Washington sports, we haven’t been doing too terrible as of late (Excluding the Redskins). Hopefully the Nats can clutch up and get a series win but only time will tell.

A Blog About Blogging

This one is going to be pretty meta, so buckle up.

Blogging is weird. I feel a bit uncertain about pushing my random thoughts out to others on a semi-regular basis. The nature of the assignment (three posts and nine comments in a month) forces everyone to actually pay attention to what is posted and give feedback on others’ posts. This is both good and bad, because on the plus side, people are reading what you post, and on the down side, people are reading what you post. This is a positive pressure however, because it forces us to write something interesting, yet polished.

The website is terrible. Apparently coded by primates, it has deleted my posts, lost in them in cyberspace, and cut them in half for no reason on multiple occasions. I have had some great ideas go down the drain due to a bug or a crash and it is maddening. Even after keeping separate copies in google docs, the website still fights my every post maliciously. On top of this, there is no way to see your own comments on others’ posts after you submit them. Whether this is intentional or not I don’t know, but it makes it really difficult to keep track of the nine comments you are supposed to have every month. I have already lost count of how many I made so I’m basically shooting in the dark at this point.

Although a disjointed and infuriating experience, I enjoy reading what everyone posts, and I hope some of the technical issues will be sorted out eventually, because the concept of a class blog as a whole is a sound one. Feel free to respond in the comments with your experiences as well, I want to know if I am alone in these issues.

Vulnerability in Essay Writing

The strategic use of showing one’s true self can be a powerful tool in a college essay. For the past twelve years of our lives, we have been groomed as students to project a picture-perfect image to the world around us. Despite not allowing us to accept every aspect of ourselves, good and bad, this is just simply boring. The interesting features of a person should not be the same things you would expect on a typical resume or college application. I don’t care if you volunteer or run cross country or whatever else it may be that you do. The best way to get to know someone is to understand the experiences that shaped them into the person they are today. Using vulnerability in writing is a great way to break down some of the self-constructed barriers we use to guard our flaws. In a story, writing about your accomplishments can come off as self-centered and arrogant. This is not what you should focus on. Instead, try to write about how your failures led you to a self-realization or success. This is more believable and allows for a more personal connection to the reader. Coming off as too cocky can alienate those reading your piece and make it seem as if you are trying too hard. One quote that stood out to me from the reading was that “students should be pointed away from the “self-righteous inveighing” that kills honest writing.” This quote highlights the importance of putting yourself on the same level as anyone else. You do not need to brag about your accomplishments in a college essay, those will already be exemplified in your resume and transcript. Instead of trying to block others from seeing your humanity, let it be shown out in the open so people can see your true character.

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