“I went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with my mom and sister for vacation. While I was there, we went to the beach; we also went snorkeling on a party boat. It was my first time snorkeling, and I really enjoyed the experience. My favorite memory from the trip was going to the “Moon Lounge” every night. There was dancing and food; it was fun. The worst memory I had from the trip was getting really bad sunburn. However, I would definitely go back and recommend it to others because it is beautiful there, and it was a fascinating experience. Punta Cana also made me more appreciative for the amenities I have, for there was a lot of poverty present. If I could help the impoverished people who live in Punta Cana, I would provide them with the necessities they lack. I would also give them a bunch of clothes donations, in addition to other things that we don’t use that they may need.”

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  1. Mr. Stephens says:

    My favorite vacations include the unexpected, as Ashley’s did, and as your write-up of her vacation did. Most vacation spots don’t let the tourists see the poverty, but this must have been obvious. As far as sunburn is concerned, I got it at 8:00 in the morning . . . in March! I was in southern Florida, but the Dominican Republic is even farther south. Thanks for a fun, imagery-filled read.

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