How to #1

My first official post (Aside from My “About the Author”) Will be as stated in my About the Author, a chess post. This move is called an En passant (Pronounced “On pa sount”). I’m going to base this off of the knowledge that you know how to play chess. If so, then you should understand this move. If not, comment and I will add a post explaining the basics of how to play chess.

This move is fairly simple but the opportunity rarely comes up in game. The reason being is that it can only happen in one scenario. It does not matter which two pawns you move How it works is the person performing the move will have to have a pawn three spaces up from the original pawn line (Not including moving from the pawn line as a move). Then, It doesn’t matter how many moves later, the other person opposite to the attacker, must move their pawn up two spaces. only immediately after that move are you allowed to do En passant. The actual move is much easier then the setup required, simply move your three space pawn on the square directly behind the recently moved opponents pawn, and take the recently moved pawn. That is an En passant. Till Tomorrow!

Introduction to My Blog


In this blog I will be talking about things that interest me e.g. Chess, Reading, Writing, Soccer and Board games, to name a few. To tell you the truth, I have no real idea what I am going to do with this blog so I’ll see as it happens and make the most of it.

CHESS –  I have been to multiple different chess camps over the years so I have picked up various strategies and moves that at least make me better then my brothers. I’m no Bobby Fisher but I can hold my weight in a game.

READING – I am an avid reader and I would love nothing more than to curl up with a good book and an arnold palmer (Its a drink, half iced tea half lemonade) to end the day. My favorite genera is history, primarily war history. I do love comedy and the occasional nonfiction but my top three are 1) history 2) Action/Adventure 3) Comedy. 

SOCCER- I play goalie for a U14 Boys travel team. Currently I am out and probably will be for the rest of the season, because I broke my arm about a month ago. But my team is managing without me! They have a guest goalie and are 1st in the division, 5-0.

WRITING- I’ve never done writing before that is not for a school assignment, well not full writing, so I think I will enjoy writing on this blog because I love to come up with characters and such.

I think the first post I will make (aside from this one of course) will be about chess. I’m not sure if it will be about about a certain move or if it will be fun facts about chess. Other ideas I have are for book reviews or a a short story. Another thing I could do is a riddle of the week, here’s one for you: A man arrives at a hotel and immediately knows he’s broke, how is this? You can ask yes or no questions to find out the answer Thank you for coming, leave a comment if you think you know the answer. Till tomorrow!