Owning a Business

https://sites.google.com/s/1VPnT1g1fUILmceJ4XvPN9s1qtyWzLen3/p/1TuE5oCcBinBT98f2bPKmxQqVz8L48Vbv/edit For my project I decided on a google site. I thought it would best portray my various points as well as real life examples with the picture and text box options. I chose to own my own business. My uncle owns his own business and he has inspired me since I have been young […]

High School

I just posted a blog about college and I guess it would make sense to blog about high school as well. I had a great time in high school. The parties, the football games, the school dances, all of it was fun but it is coming to a rapid end. I am extremely sad of […]


I’m stressed. College applications are the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. The content itself is not hard but it is just a pain because of all of the essays but it is worth it. That is what keeps me going. I continue to remind myself that I am going […]


Baseball has played a huge part in my life. I started playing baseball when I was four years old. Through baseball I have made friends that I have had for years as well as leadership skills that I would not have learned anywhere else. Even baseball practices are fun. I enjoy watching baseball. Going to […]

College Essay is Not a Selfie

This piece shows a different angle that I would have never thought of had it not been for reading this. It really explains the importance of not telling the reader why you are good but rather showing them using different stories as well as things you have done. That is one thing that I have […]


From the middle of October until late May every Friday for the past three years I have mentored a now fifth grade student named Seamus. I am supposed to keep him on track with his work and make sure he is doing his work correct and that he is participating and doing everything to the […]

Organic Object

Organic Object

Purple is a strong color. The blueberries I had with me the day in class were purple. They’ll stain your hands, make them dark. They are small and juicy, with a smell not potent. Some might have seeds some might not. A skin is surrounding them just as a grape. The skin is smooth as […]

Hello world!

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