Walking in a random direction and seeing where I go

Over break I went on a lot of bike rides and walks to fight boredom and not get super out of shape. I was going on a bike ride with my friend and we stopped at a playground and walked around for a little, but after a while I suggested that we should walk in a random direction and see what happens. First I took out my phone compass and checked what direction we would need to walk back in, and then we set off into the woods.

We ended up being pretty underwhelmed because after like 3 minutes of walking the woods stopped and we ended up in the middle of a golf course. Old men were looking at us suspiciously so we went on a path instead of just walking across the middle of the green. Soon we made it to a river (the Potomac, we were in Algonkian Park) and walked along that for a while. Once again we were a little underwhelmed cause we had both been there before, and I didn’t really feel like I was walking blindly. I really wanted to find a really interesting place or have something particularly exciting happen, but I think my hopes were too high. Along the river it was super muddy and to spice things up we decided to take a random path back through the woods, but it was even muddier than before and we made it back to our bikes wet and cold.

Overall, this wasn’t a very exciting experience but it was something new that I did so it fits in the criteria of this blog. I kind of want to do this again just to challenge my sense of direction. I think getting lost would be kind of fun, since I can always pull out google maps if I´m getting worried. I recommend this to people who enjoy walking around but want to make a little more interesting.

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