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7 Things I've Learned in 8th Grade
Hey everyone! Emma here. Sorry about how inactive I’ve been. With the Student Blogging Challenge over, I haven't been posting much. My class plans on participating in the Spring Challenge, so I’ll be posting weekly when that starts. Today in class, w (More)
All About Me
All About Emma Nine interesting facts about me!   I am a twin. I have an identical twin sister named Lily, who shares a lot of my interests. She’s my best friend and I get a lot of my ideas for stories, drawings, and animations from her. (More)
Hello world!
A Magnificent day Hi all, This is Mei and I wanted to try blogging, s (More)
Life Changer
Normal Year? I think not. Sitting at my desk, I surf the web for updates on the situation that has largely affected the start of the 2020 decade. You know, when I celebrated New Year’s at 12:00 AM with millions of people around the country, I didn’t (More)
9 Things I Learned In 8th Grade
Hey everyone! For my first official blog post, I'll be doing a listicle. My listicle is about all the things I've learned in 8th grade. Here is my list of 9 helpful ski (More)
I (still) hate poetry.
I (still) hate poetry poem. I still hate poetry. Does it have a meaning yet? I wouldn’t bet. It’s been a while, poetry. I’m forced back into your thorny hold, Though this time, I’m being bold. I still hate poetry. This is the (More)
SBC Week 3 Fun With Photos
Hello there my wonderful writers! For this week  of the Student-EduBlog-Challange, I had to make a story, or my case a poem, that relates to an image. I decided to chose a pretty dreary illistration from Edgar Allen Poe´s The Raven, which if you didn (More)
photo story
         I skulk through this building. Passing sights that once brought chills rushing down to my very soul. Memories crawl up my back, yet I don’t (More)
Learning to Write the Right Way
“A..b...d...u...l...” In kindergarten writing was just labeling my paper: signing my name so that I could claim it as my own. I used to have trouble with my p’s, d’s, and b’s: I could never get the arc in the right place. My teacher took notice of my (More)
All about me, Risad!
Risad’s Top 10 Though I may be here in America, I was born in Bangladesh. I arrived at America when 2014 ended. I have 2 siblings. I am the youngest in my family. Though I like all colors, my favourite color is blue, mainly because it emit (More)
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