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May is Notebook Month
I am declaring May to be Notebook Month.  (More)
What Brings Me Joy?
This question was posed to me by a friend. I decided to sit and think about it and make a list. Here's what I came up with... More)
Walking into Writing
I set some goals for myself this summer. I shared them here, but I've revised them. My goals are simple for this summer: 1. Walk 2. Write 3. Clean 4. Read 5. Swim The first goal is the one I'd like to talk about. I have a confession...I'm (More)
Coming to the Final Page
If you are new to reading my blog, you may not know about my passion for my notebooks. I've been writing in notebooks for more than thirty years and I h (More)
Why I Write
Golden Line Padlet
Launching Writer's Notebooks
How is it possible that I've never written this blog post before?!?! Today, this day, notebook launching's my favorite day of the beginning of the year! It's so exciting! The energy is palpable! We begin by talking about what writing is. (More)
Celebrating Notebook Writers!
We've launched notebooks. We write in our notebooks every day. I collected notebooks for a first check. Spending time in these pages inspired me. I get to know my sixth-graders as writers and I get to know their interests and passions. Notebook writi (More)