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Today is the first day of Season 6  and we built a desk with a chair. Stay tuned for more about Season 6. (More)
9- 27- 2018
We did the blox with my friends and we worked on our laptop so much. (More)
We chose our design for the 3D printing, we are going to print a hanging pencil holder. My group wanted a pencil holder because the pencils will be in one spot and the teachers won't have to pass out them. We also made our own account that I am using (More)
#3 The Wicked Throne
The Wicked Throne (More)
#2 Safety Stool
Safety Stool (More)
#1 The Mega Throne Couch
Chillin' at the end of a good week ...
The week ended with a little 3-D Math -- converting centimeters to millimeters for more specific printing measurements, some portfolio building, and then an awesome EverBlock Battle Royale! In this battle, EverBlock groups joined forces to build the (More)
Creating a digital portfolio to house all our future rockin' builds. (More)
Combining forces and building up on group ideas! More)
Designing a cool classroom by printing 3-D objects! (More)
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