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Wait! Is it a stool ... or is it a safe???
The building of The Desk 4 2
Today was a good day because we got to build a teachers throne. I hope to have other very good days. (More)
Today we worked messed around with the lego blocks and finished our throne (More)
I successfully scared 2 people today, also we created a box in my group that you could hide items in. -who (More)
Today we made a lego couch it was so fun. We had to work very hard but it payed off. (More)
9/27/18 Level Up Reflection
Today was great, I had fun making a stool with the Everblocks that can store stuff. I also liked that I got to customize my new blog. (More)
Sep 27
We made a mega throne couch that hold 3 people and we used all our blocks. (More)
Edge/level up
Edge/level up was great today (More)
sep 27
We did a desk for 2 we made a blog and designed it (More)
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