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If i would have a hour  with a cue then i would show him my school. (More)
Anonymous's post
We named our cue Anonymous because we could think of any other name. Also we didn't really get to play with it alot because we had problems and if we were to close it would connect to one another. But I would have a blast if we had another hour with (More)
Level Up SRMS 10/4/18
Today was awesome because we got to play with the Cue. We got to move our robot around the school. If I had another hour with Cue, I would play around with it and test on how useful this robot really is. (More)
If I had another hour with Cue ...
make it do my homework! It was easy to control.  I had fun. (More)
if I had one more hour with you
Today was really fun we got to control the cue and talk to it and that was fun. (More)
If I had another hour with Cue...
I would program it to fight other Cues. I think it would be very interesting. But, today the only hard thing was connecting to our Cue and not another group. -who (More)
If I had another hour with the cue.........
I would get better at using it and make it say stuff. I would race someone and make it fight someone.  And make it go down a ramp. (More)
If I had a another hour with Cue
If I had a another hour with cue I would play with it then code something for it to do like run through a maze or do something cool. I hope we will be able to play with cue for two or three more weeks. (More)
Storm is what we named are cue we pick storm because our cue brainstorms in problems (More)
if i had another hour with cue
Today me and partner worked on the cue we got to connect to it with our ipad  we moved it around with the setting control. We also made the cue speak by speaking into the ipad and the cue would repeat it back. (More)
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