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It's cool and  it looks like a good Robot he looks like he is dancing (More)
what I liked about today is that we got to explore websites about what we are gonna do on the 3D printer we also looked at examples of other peoples creations to get ideas it was so fun! (More)
3D Printing Suggestions
Today we were looking for what we should 3D print, We were supposed to go on these too links :  and We had to find something to make I did a cu (More)
EGDE/Level Up Reflection (9/20/18)
This was the second day of EDGE/Level up and it was really cool. Today, we had to think of ideas to 3D print and add to our classroom. My idea was to add a skull pencil holder and it looked really cool. After that, I got this sweet account with this (More)
3D Printing Ideas
Today we searched items that we wanted to make on the 3D printer. On thingiverse and Myminifactory!!! I will be making a keychain! (More)
Today was a great day fun time in thingeverse (More)
Hello everybody!
Today during after school level up. I got to go on thingiverse and sign in to my account. (More)
9/20/18 Reflection
I think that today was awesome, because we got to go on to thingiverse and we are going to get our own tinkercad accounts. Also I think that my profile picture IS AWESOME, WITH LAPIS LAZULI! I hope every day will be this fun. (More)
3D print ideas
I found the 4x4 puzzle cube and a interlinked heart on thingiverse and my mini factory. (More)
Today Was Awesome
We got to search for picture for our avatar and I chose a pretzel. (More)
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