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Welcome Back, My Friends!!
My goal in level up
My goal for level up is to be the best person I can be in level up. (More)
A goal that I would like to reach is to be able to work for NASA as an astronomer. The reason why I would like to work as at NASA as an astronomer is because I like finding out new things about outer space. I would like to find any possible planets t (More)
One of the goals I have for my future is to possibly be an engineer. I also want to continue with advanced math classes. I thinking about maybe being a electrical engineer. I love electronics, I just find them very fun. I love math so I want to know (More)
My goal for the future is to continue and be a engineer. I would wanna be a person that builds all different type of stuff. (More)
My goal
My goal today was to finish my parent night project without my partner, it was very challenging but surpass it. We talked alot about the parent night and my goal for that was to have a great presentation. I hope it happens and I awate for my next goa (More)
Future goal
My future goal is to become a profesional soccer player. I want to be this in the future because since I was a kid I always wanted to play profesional soccer. Its a long shot but I will practice to become this. (More)
My goal
Today me and Roy finish our slide show and today what I would make in the future would be a hover board that levitates in the air. And if that doesn't work I would make a party bomb that makes people dance. (More)
As I get older my goals change time to time. But at this age I have two goals that really interest me. Once I get into college, I would like to go to Harvard, there I would take math as my major and graphic designing as my minor. Math because I want (More)
Today was awesome we finished the Imovie for parent night. My goal is to have the spaghetti thing finished. I want to pass all my SOLS and I want to get into a good college . I would  \want to have a good computer job. (More)
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