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What should I build and update
Today the GoPiGo actually worked WOW. Today we did the Sphero on water that pulls pennies Noah and I  pulled 25 pennies we could've put way more. What I would build if I was a engineer would be a house with every smart tech. (More)
Today we finished our spheros challenge. If I was an engineer, I would build a time machine because I want to see the future. My partner and I made a little boat with foam so it can float. We put all 25 pennies inside. (More)
If I was an engineer I would build two things that would go together. The first thing would be building a wall by a roads intersection when the red lights are on. The wall will disappear when one side has a green light letting the other cars go, this (More)
If I Were An Engineer...
If I were an engineer, I would've built a machine that filters our pollution from water in the ocean. If I were to build this, then it benefits our world in a good way. (More)
If I was an engineer and could build anything I would build...
I would probably build a mindblowing rollercoaster. Because I always loved roller  coasters. I want to make people think I am an open minded person. (More)
Today surprised me. Why did It surprise me? It's because when we were designing our build for the sphero challenge, I thought our designing would work and be easy to build and that we wouldn't have to change it at all but I was wrong. Me and my partn (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
I loved you sharing your mindset!  Great use of the word "collaboratively" to describe how effective your group was "listening to e (More)
Today for we got to build our boat for the Sphero to take the pennies. Today I was very surprised that when my partner and I did our first boat, the first trial didn't work. But, luckily we were able to fix our problem. The thing was that the two str (More)
What suprised you today?
What suprised me today was that for the sphero  didnt float. At first I thought that it would float but then it didnt. I thought it would float because it was water proof so then I just assumed it was water proof. (More)
Today Was Awesome
Me and Roy worked on our project and we didn't get that far. Harrison kept running every where and james tried to stop him. I added a photo that shows the different profile and we put our sphero in the water with our penny holder, but it barely float (More)
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