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Spheros and Sections
Today we got to start the spheros and get to play with the cues again. Sadly the GoPiGo's don't work, but at least we got to start the spheros. The first Sections was the spheros if you don't know what a sphero is a sphero is a robot shape like a bal (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
Goldendog!  You ARE a person's best friend with the way you write!  Nice attention to detail on the GoPiGo.  I also appreciated your (More)
My day was perfect because it was fun to do the sphero and go back to the cue. We made a castle where a whole group of 5 could fit in it . That was so cool. We still haven't programed the gopigo because it doesn't work but later on we will program it (More)
Today we got to mess around with the cues and the spheros!! It was cool to work with different things and people to see what we could make. In one of the sessions we got to build something that we all wanted to do. We decided to build a house and it (More)
Today was really fun. Today my group in Session 1 for Everblocks managed to build a large castle. That you could go inside of. The castle walls were uneven but with probably 30 minutes we could have made even walls. The castle was eventually destroye (More)
We had a lot of fun and we had experience with the Spheros, but they were hard to control. And we went back to the cues and that was a lot of fun also we made a bed, with the everblocks and had a lot of fun. (More)
Today I was pretty bummed that the GoPiGo wasn't working, but to make instead we got to play with our Cue's, Sphero, and the Everblocks. We got separated for each thing, for the Cue's we did a race, and got some free time to play and code with them. (More)
How my day was
My day was good we got to switch threw all of the thing that we got to do all the weeks that we have been doing. Over all I did pretty good having all these days have really paid off. (More)
My Mindset
Today in Level up we had three sessions and they were the the Cues, lego blocks, and the sphero. My favorite session was the cues because you could drive them through the hallways. Today was so much fun because we worked by ourselves most of the time (More)
What was my mind set today.
Today we got to do stations. There was three stations, the first one was the giant lego blocks. The second one was the cues. But my favorite one was the third station witch was the sphero. The sphero is a robot that you can control to do many things. (More)
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