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Today was Awesome
We started to build a robot that could go really fast and I was the programer, we almost finish it, we stop on stage 2. I got congry (confused, but also a little angry) on a part. (More)
Today at level up with started to build our new robot! My strengths in the group was helping the builder with the parts and helping him screw them in. I think I could of been more careful with the pieces because we kept on dropping them and then we g (More)
What were your strengths in the group?
Today we were grouped to build a robot called GoPiGo, this robot can be programmed to move around. Although I didn't get much time to get to know the people that I'm with, I was chosen to be the programer. So because that I'm the programer I think th (More)
What were your strengths in the group.
We built it and went pretty far but we built it upside down. Also we all agreed about the jobs and I think we all liked it, Also are name was Chris is Saif by Roy. (More)
What were your strength in the group. What could you do better.
The strengths are that we work together and we get along. The thing we could get better at is doing more work so we could start programming. It is hard because there is a lot of small pieces and if we mess something up we have to restart everything. (More)
Today me and my group named our robot. its name was chris is saif by roy we called it that because my name is chris my other partners name is saif and my other partners name is roy we thought it was funny. After that we started to put the parts toget (More)
What could I have done better
We were making a gopigo my partners were Harrison and Jhonny.  I probably could have done lots of things. I  should have talked more. I asked Harrison what I need for the next step and problem solved the struggles. we were only done with one step. It (More)
My strengths in the group were passing the materials to justan. (More)
First day with GoPieGo
WOW! I can't believe we are doing GoPieGo, GoPieGo is a robot that you make and code. I did it in stem camp but I don't remember what I did. I think I need to improve with letting others help me because sometimes I like to do things be myself. I thin (More)
What could you have done better?
Today in level up we got to start working on the gopigo. The gopigo is a robot car the you can program to move. Something that I could have done better is work fast so that we could have at least got half way done with building the robot. I'm really (More)
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