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GoPiGo Go!
Today we built more of the GoPiGo, and we made way more progress than we did yesterday. We are getting to the part where we put the Rasberry Pi3 on the robot, I think one of the reasons we worked really well today is because Ms. Bryden- Miller did th (More)
Today my partner and I worked with the GOpiGO. We were really proud of us because we had to start over 3 times but we caught up with everyone. (More)
Gopiego part 2
Today we started with nothing but pieces which is the gopiego. We struggled at first but then we got through it and then we finished at first we had trouble with the pieces but finally got it after. (More)
I was proud of all the work that we did!  We made great progress on our gopiego considering that we had to rebuild the robot two times. The gopie go is a robot car that Justin and I  made together. I hope you like what I have talked about. (More)
Proud 🙂
What I'm I proud of today? Today I'm proud of getting far in our GoPiGo because on Monday me my group started and did it wrong so we had to start all over. Today we got to the step we left on was putting on the top part for are GoPiGo well....that's (More)
Smile and work through the set backs!!
Maybe get some advice ...
Step 2: Assemble!
Step 1: Inventory!
Blogger Shout Out!
I love the real-world application using the Cue!  Who doesn't forget their locker combo once in a while!?! It would be nice to have (More)
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