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SBC 2019 Week Five/Music
Hey everyone! Drawing Addict is back again with ANOTHER post and I know you are excited(I’m joking, you’re probably not) to see this week’s challenge! Here’s a wrap-up of last week; it was week four of the SBC and it was basically freestyle writing. (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
Great writing, TYCB! 🙂 I like how you included the who, what, when, where and why of the situation.  You made building the GoPiG (More)
Today was fast and awesome
Today we finish our GoPiGo robot and it has it name on it so we know which one was our. Me and Noah did really good we hope that we can use our GoPiGo robot next time. (More)
GoPiGo #2
Today we worked with the GoPiGo. The GoPiGo is the thing that you build then code when you are finished building. The thing that I was most proud of today was that we got more things done than Tuesday. (More)
I am so proud.
I'm so proud that we got some work finish. It felt good because we could program the robot. And it wasn't easy because there was so many things that my brain almost exploded. (More)
Today I was so proud of myself because we made a van and I was the programer thank you. (More)
Today my group managed to  get the GoPiGo completed. We wanted to attach the distance sensor, but we didn't have time. We were going to attach the sensor to the servo then, to the robot. The servo would have allowed us to move the sensor around. -wh (More)
What were you most proud of today
Me and my partner had to restart 3 times. But we had to restart and now we went really far. And now we need to put the roof to the pi and when we are done we can play with the gopigo. And have a lot of fun. (More)
GoPiGo day 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today we did a lot, we finished our robot. I was mostly proud of how that me and my partner finished it all together and we were also missing a partner. It went by so quick that it felt like it was 10 minutes just working together. We helped each oth (More)
GoPiGo 2nd Day
Today we builded more of Pluto (Pluto is the name of my group's GoPiGo.)and we got to finish up to putting on the Raspberry Pie. I am most proud of starting stage 2 for the GoPiGo. I think my group is the farthest for the GoPiGo because when I saw ot (More)
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