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Are Cue ready
Today we solved a problem teachers constantly have. We coded the Cues to go to another classroom instead of sending a teacher. We didn't test it out in school hour but I think it would work. (More)
what problem did cue solve
Things that the cue can do as a world problem. When teachers need things like an extra packet they could code it to send the message. They could have a code on a sheet and do it to save time.   Another problems he could solve is the (More)
Problems Our Cue solved
Today we got to got to code the cue's and we had to find out a problem the cue could solve. I made my cue start at the outside of Ms. Maxvill's room making it look like it had assigned the cue to take a note to the Guidance room because teachers cann (More)
Problems Our Cue Can Solve
My partner, Aashirvini, and I worked on coding our Cue to do a task that is beneficial. We came up with a problem that Mrs. Zangara needs to do something outside of her class but cannot leave her class unattended. We found out that we can record our (More)
solving problems
Today we started solving problems with the cue.It was very exciting we were trying to make the cue make it to the deans office. Unfortunatly we failed because we couldn't make it reach the office. But next  were think of making more precised mesureme (More)
If you ever forget your locker combo Cue comes to the rescue
Some people sometimes forget their locker combo. You ask the counselor for your combo, but the counselor is too busy. She said she will give it to you later. When you get to your locker you see a robot with your combo. My partner and I have made that (More)
What did cue solve?
Today we were all assigned to solve a world problem with our cues. Me and my partner coded cue to help a blind person walk to places like into a room or to their mail box. We were successful on making noise so the person can heard the cue. One of our (More)
what problem did the cues got when you coed it?
I will say that the problem for my cue had when I had to coad it.Because I have to coad it for a long time because my cue is going far and that is why I had to coad it for a long time. (More)
I improve to control the Robot and I fixed the tires of the robot. I was successful to remove the hair from the robot tire. We went to the wrong place that's why the hair gone in to my tire and the wrong place was the hallway. (More)
Cue Solved Delivery Problem
The problem we solved was for a teacher to get a message delivered using the cue. If the teacher wanted to deliver a message with a post it note, they could send the cue. Our idea was for a message to be delivered from Mrs. MacMillan to MR. Pecks (More)
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