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SBC 2019 Week Four
Hey everyone! Drawing Addict is back(in black) with another post for the Student Blogging Challenge! This weeks’ challenge is a bit different from the other 3 weeks, but I am going to make the best of it! The assignment for this week was to either wr (More)
If I had another hour with cue...
I would learn how to drive it because it would always hit the walls and when we wanted it to go forwards it would go backwards. It was very annoying because it never went the way we all wanted it to go. We always had to spin it around just so it woul (More)
What Problems Cue Can Solve?
The Cue can solve many problems, The problmes that Michele and I solved was a problem I think many teachers have. This is the scenario that we thought of, Lets say Mrs. Zangara needed to talk to Ms.Chung in her office, but she didn't have any other t (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
Xgoldfish!  Your paragraph was clear and detailed.  The reader gets a sense of your afternoon with the Cue. You were not here today (More)
Today my group did not succeed in solving the problem we were trying to solve. The problem we attempted to solve was to deliver a message from one teacher to another. If we had some more time and more resources we might have been able to solve our pr (More)
What problem did the Cue solve?
My Cue solve a problem for teachers the problem is that teachers can't leave their room when their teaching students. So I programed my Cue to go from class to class so teachers could send messages to other teachers using the cue. Something that coul (More)
What problem did Cue solve?
We programed our Cue to move from 1027 cm to the classroom, while making noise. We decided to program our Cue to help a blind person to find their way into a classroom.  It wasn't easy, we were close to succeeding but in the end we weren't able to ma (More)
What problem did cue solve
I tried to send it to Noaman without him knowing but it ran over my finger. it went from the c hall to the main gym but I put 3,000 cm. But it did not make it so I had to do it over and over then once we got there. There were Football players so i to (More)
Cue Job
I programed it to ask a teacher for a pencil, but it didn't work out well because I couldn't find any teacher around and also I got distracted. (More)
what problem did cue solve
Today my group did fail. i was disappointed but we did make a code for it it went forward then went left then ask a teacher if they could help with something  but that was as far as we got next time i hope my group will do the daily thing  with the c (More)
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