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Being brave is taking the first step onto the staircase Being brave is courageous Being brave is asking for help Being brave is stepping outside your comfort zone Being brave is taking responsibility for your actions Being brave is bei (More)
Poetry Challenge Day 20: Singing
SINGING The girl was singing, so graceful, so joyful. The girls voice was amazing. (More)
Poetry Challenge Day 19: I Hate Poetry
I HATE POETRY Poetry is so bad, that its sad. Poetry is horrid, that it makes me worried. Poetry is boring, Surprisingly it makes people roaring. Some say its pointless, some say its joyless. I say both.   (More)
THE WATER BOTTLEā€™S JOURNEY By Faith   There once was a water bottle. His name was Steve. Yesterday, he had been sitting on a shelf at Target. Then, someone bought him! His name was Thomas. Today, he was ready for a new adventure at a place (More)
Poetry Friday 2 (BY ZER0SYMPATHY AND FANTASIA) This will be cringe
It is I, Zer0Sympathy here To ruin the blog Fantasia holds so dear. And it is I, Fantasia here To help myself to soon ruin her's. Alas that makes no sense You need some new Rhyming sense. And you need some new friends. Well then (More)
Warriors beat the Spurs
The warriors beat the spurs in the game 3 and know have a 3 game advantage against them. This means we will have a higher chance of making it to the second round for the western conference.Even though our best player is out which is Stephen Curry. Th (More)
Name Poem
Hello my name is Gabi and I have a grey tabby He is a cat And he's super fat I love my video games But when I lose I go insane I spend a lot of time on the computer And I'm little bit of a sore loser My name i (More)
The Poem about Five Guys
This is a Poem About Five Guys...... Five Guys makes are mouth water, It makes everyone have a taste. The way the first fry taste, It make the inside (More)
So one of my BEST FRIENDS Sharpies, Pens, and everything else is having a birthday! April 20th!! So A little Dream and I decided to surprise her. Yesterday I went to little Dream's house with a bag of jolly ranchers!! At her house we made a birthday (More)
Happy Birthday Faith!
Happy Birthday Faith! I love you so much, I am so glad I met you this year it has been so much fun! I which we were in more classes but maybe next year. Thank you so much for being such a great friend and making sure me and Gabi don't go crazy. Engli (More)
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