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Hello Again!
It has been a while since I reached out and blogged in a while. Can you believe it has been almost an around an entire year since I last blogged. I just happened to have the chance to blog one more time when I saw this blog in my favorites bar and st (More)
I (still) hate poetry.
I (still) hate poetry poem. I still hate poetry. Does it have a meaning yet? I wouldn’t bet. It’s been a while, poetry. I’m forced back into your thorny hold, Though this time, I’m being bold. I still hate poetry. This is the (More)
The user has returned!
Today I remembered that my teacher had us make a blog in 6th grade, I'm in 8th grade now. I logged in and decided to clean up the blog and start it up again! I read through a lot of my old posts and wow, they were so cringy! So hello again viewers, y (More)
hey yall, its been a year  and alt  has happen, bo died... thats all (More)
blogging again?
I just remembered my blog. I remembered how much I enjoyed making these in school, so I've decided I would try to start blogging again. so for my first returned post, I will update on my  Invisalign journey. I'm actually almost done with the process. (More)
Hi! I'm not super sure if anyone will be reading this, since I don't  have Ms. Haseltine's English class anymore, but if they are, comment! And what stuff do you want me to post? (More)
What's new!!
Hey guys! Omg this is crazy I just came across some of my blog posts in Google drive and I was like "let's make a blog post" so I am Right now I am in 7th Grade, I take french, I'm not very good at it though. I really don't know what to talk about (More)
You can find anything in a book Some are about how to cook Books can have photos They make you scream oh no! It’s up to your mind To think of wonders you can find So pick up a book It will open your eyes Just a ti (More)
I want a pet But I haven’t found one yet There’s no perfect one The stress to choose one is a ton There are cats But most of them are fat There are dogs But i’d have to walk it in the smog There are bunnies Bu (More)
Oreos are the best food ever Whoever made oreos are very clever I can eat them all day long Whoever hasn't tried one is living life wrong I love both the cookie and the cream Them together are the dream If there's oreos in my sight I'll (More)
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