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You can find anything in a book Some are about how to cook Books can have photos They make you scream oh no! It’s up to your mind To think of wonders you can find So pick up a book It will open your eyes Just a ti (More)
I want a pet But I haven’t found one yet There’s no perfect one The stress to choose one is a ton There are cats But most of them are fat There are dogs But i’d have to walk it in the smog There are bunnies Bu (More)
Oreos are the best food ever Whoever made oreos are very clever I can eat them all day long Whoever hasn't tried one is living life wrong I love both the cookie and the cream Them together are the dream If there's oreos in my sight I'll (More)
The Sea
I love the sea It makes me so happy So beautiful and big I love to go into the sand and dig Making sand castles is a blast I've made big ones in the past To feel sand in between my toes And the way the ocean just flows There's somethi (More)
Hey guys, it's been a long time and I think I should just make this final post here. I'm going to be working on a new Blog w/ my friend and sadly I won't be revamping this blog. It's just better to start new. I'm so glad for all the support I got (More)
Horrible Day
I really hate this poetry month. Like, REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLY Hate it. I can't focus today, I can't choose what to draw, what to write, or anything. IM SO FRUSTERATED. The library is closed, I have to go to my dads today, and I CAN'T WRITE (More)
My Schedule!
1-2 B Communication Studies 734 Michelle Haseltine  1-2 A Mathematics (More)
Invisalign day
So I've gone back and I read all my post about first getting an Invisalign, It's honestly not that bad. First of all, maybe at first It's that bad but definitely not now. Taking it in and out is The easiest thing ever, I pop it in and out while walki (More)
School Supplies >.<
Basics Notebooks Folders Laptop (if needed) Loose Leaf paper Dividers for binders Mechanical pencils Pens Pencil Case Sticky Notes Agenda High lighters Pencil Sharpener Glue Binders Fancy Art: Sk (More)
Travel Bucket List
Ride the London Eye Ride in a hot air balloon Sit on top of the Hollywood sign Ride an Elephant Set foot on all 7 continents Travel all 50 states See the Grand Canyon Visit the hidden beaches in Marieta islands visit the T (More)
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