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Summer Activities
Messy Twister Play Twister and put paint on the dots so when you put your hands and feet on the dots they get covered in paint! I recommend playing outside. Paint-filled water balloons Fill water balloons with paint and wear a white sh (More)
Sorry I've just been so busy lately that I haven't been able to blog for a little bit. But here I am and leggo! Beach Essentials to bring: TOWELS!!! Umbrellas (SHADE!!) Chairs Snacks & Drinks Sand Toys And Last But not least!!! (More)
The Sea
I love the sea It makes me so happy So beautiful and big I live to go into the sand and dig Making sand castles is a blast I've made big one in the past To feel sand in between my toes And the way the ocean just flows There's somethin (More)
Frosted Flakes
 Frosted Flakes your so yummy!  You always go in my tummy    They are so good and sweet They are definitely a special treat   Frosted Flakes are my favorite food If someone took them then it would be very rude Bec (More)
Hello Future me!!!
Hello future me. I'm your past me telling you what you should have accomplished by the end of the year. Now first off, you should have at least 25 followers. If you. Don't, then either nobody follows anyone or nobody likes your blog post. Next you sh (More)
I'm sorry I haven't posted it's just that the blogs shut down but I promise this summer (June 13) that I'll post twice a week! Sorry for that, hope to catch up soon, See ya later! (More)
A Fawn is on our Lawn!
I just went in my house and I'm excited. My family was having a regular afternoon when my Dad rushed in the house saying there was a fawn on our lawn. We all went out of the house, sure enough, there was a small fawn just curled up in the grass in th (More)
Gold can shine                                                                                                                                                                                          You would find it in a goldmine                    (More)
Oreos are the best food ever Whoever made oreos are very clever I can eat them all day long Whoever hasn't tried one is living life wrong I love both the cookie and the cream Then together are the dream If there's oreos in my sight I'll (More)
Pink Pink the color of ink                                                                                                                                                                      It can be the color of your drink                          (More)
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