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Riverdale The other day someone asked me what I recommend on Netflix, and I couldn't really think of anything except the show I'm watching currently (NCIS). But then I got to thinking what my all time favorite show is. Without hesitation I knew th (More)
Imposters I ask myself this question way to often, "What should I watch now?". And often find myself looking through hundreds of Tv shows and movies. Im gonna give you a little tip to help with this problem. So what you are going to do is simple, (More)
NCIS  The Show NCIS was always a show my parents would watch, that I never really paid attention to. But then it got uploaded on Netflix and I found myself in the "I have nothing to watch" position and decided to give it a chance. The show kept me (More)
I was recently forced to watch Gotham and give it a second chance.  I always thought the idea of the show was cool but I remembered when it first released the first few episodes didn't pull me in enough so I never watched it.  But, a friend reassured (More)
~"New Girl"~
New Girl New Girl, a Tv American Sitcom, is one of the most addictive things you could watch. I couldn't help but fall in love instantly with all the characters and the backstories to all the characters. The chemistry between all the characters an (More)
~"Young & Hungry "~
Young & Hungry  I thought the show Young and Hungry might be inappropriate but its quite the opposite with its funny characters and real adult problems. Once I started watching the show I couldn't stop, it has everything a good show need. Come (More)
The Order
The Order is a Netflix special show. There is only one season which is consisted of 10 episodes. It is about a guy, Jack, that is a freshman in university. He gets put into this secret society called the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose and tries to a (More)
~"Nailed It"~
Nailed It  The Netflix Original show is easily a comedy, with all the accidents, and informal knowledge of the rookie bakers. Along with the host Nicole Byer, and famous host baker Jacques Torres, there are no dull moments with the two of them bic (More)
Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds is a show on Netflix that airs originally on CBS. There is currently 14 seasons out of Criminal Minds and 12 of the are on Netflix. It is a crime solving TV show that takes place right here in Quantico Virginia. Some of the crimes are (More)
The Umbrella Academy
Hi I don't usually do tv shows but I watched the first half of The Umbrella Academy yesterday with my sister and I thought this would be a good opportunity to branch out.  I haven't finished the show yet so this is just my opinion so far. One of t (More)
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