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London, England
Over 4 years ago I had the great opportunity to travel alongside my aunt to London, England. Early on she had decided to take (most) of her nieces abroad and that summer of 2013 it had been my turn. Since my aunt's sister also lives in Liverpool we h (More)
Kailua, Hawaii
One of the places my family has easily fallen in love with is Hawaii. Whether we are relaxing on a beach under the warm sun or hiking to waterfalls, there is always so much to do that brings new (and different) experiences. Two years ago when visi (More)
San Francisco, California
Every year my family visits California not only for vacation, but also to see some of my dad's side of the family. As they are not far from San Francisco, we often find ourselves either around the city hiking or in the city walking streets and trying (More)
Rock Stone Pond, Belize
The highlight of Halloween my sophomore year had definitely been when my parents booked a last minute a cruise out of Florida to the Caribbean. One of the stops had been Belize where we had the chance to see and climb Mayan ruins like Altun Ha (pictu (More)
Palawan, Philippines
For the first time in almost ten years, my family had decided to take the 35+ hour trip to the Philippines. In order to reach our final destination we had gone through six airports, five time changes, and four different countries (and plenty of layov (More)
Cancun, Mexico
The summer of 2016 my family had decided to make our very first visit to Cancun, a spot raved about so often, only to have our expectations amazingly passed. Our tired and (slightly) jet-lagged bodies were immediately met with warm salty air, and fro (More)
Bluemont, Virginia
Sunrises. Whether watching from my bedroom window, the pool during an early morning practice, or the top of a mountain, I never fail to enjoy the wide array of colors painting the sky. On the last day of 2017 I had decided to venture out into the (More)
Bolinas, California
This past summer my family had decided to cut our two week trip to the Philippines short (an adventure yet to be explained) and fly on over to California for a few days. Fortunately this ended up being a refreshing decision despite the struggle to ad (More)
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Travel–to make a journey, typically of some length. Airport food. Last minute packing. Air-bound sunrises.  All things I have been fortunate enough to experience throughout my life (some more enjoyable than others). From a very young age a promine (More)
Beginning of the Path
Hey! My name is Karen and I am a student at Dominion High School and welcome to my blog where I'll be posting about things that I enjoy in life which means that this blog will have no theme what so ever but some of the things I am enjoying are soccer (More)