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Final blog
It makes me so proud that the children have come up with their own plan to go to new York and fix their lives! The dad keeps discouraging them but they know not to listen to him and not to give up. From believing in themselves they get through their (More)
Third blog
The children are clearly done with the parents shenanigans. You can tell that the older sister and younger brother both back talk the mom and dad often. I'm glad they are seeing what horrible parents they are, especially the dad. It seemed like Jeann (More)
Second blog
After reading this far into the book it's clear that there's a lot of problems with the parents. They are clearly smart in many ways but still seem to not be able to or maybe even not want to really fix the condition they and their kids are living in (More)
Final Words On The Glass Castle
I've completed The Glass Castle and the book is 10/10. I'm glad I got assigned to this book for school, the fact that this book is a true story and this is how the author once lived really opens your view on life. After the book, of course I watched (More)
In the final section of the book, Jeannette depicts her family and suggests that they will always remain somewhere between "turbulence and order," which adds to the theme of stability versus instability. However, there is still instability between he (More)
First Impression of The Glass Castle
My first impression of the book is very interesting. It intrigues the reader into the story as provides interesting character development. Rex Walls who is the dad of Jeannette Walls is an intelligent man with a passion for logic. He is a skilled ele (More)
The Welch Sections
Through the introduction of Erma, Ted, and Stanley, Walls is able to provide background to Dad's character. Additionally, she uses irony to illustrate Mom's lack of understanding of practical matters. Erma, Ted, and Stanley are all rough around the e (More)
My Final Opinion on The Glass Castle
I have finally finished The Glass Castle. Never before have I enjoyed an assigned book for school, but this book changed the game. I found myself laying in bed, planning to read for twenty minutes and looking back at the clock an hour later. The Glas (More)
The Careless Father
The Dad in the Glass Castle is a Drunk but when sober, can possibly have an IQ of Bill Gates from the way the family and kids talk about him. He prefers to live in an isolated place; with not a lot of people around. The manner that he treats his kids (More)
My Predictions
I don't really have a clue how the book is going to end but if i had to guess i would say that the children will eventually leave the parents. Not because they don't love them but because they are crazy and they don't give the children the proper car (More)
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