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The Outside: Chapter One
Here is the next part to The Outside. Enjoy! (Some of it is a little cheesy, but remember, I did write this in 6th grade) Chapter One- The Guard Seth Payton snapped his eyes open for the eight time that history class as his teacher barke (More)
Sun Wukong soon settled into the calm way of the monastery, learning and meditating with all the other disciples. In his free time he would do whatever work needed to be (More)
the most realistic dream I ever had
dream date: sometime towards the end of 9th grade I usually look forward to my dreams, and think of them as I drift off to sleep, but that night I had only one thing on my mind. My math test was the next day, and I NEEDED at least 7 hours of s (More)
Being a part of a play
So after high school volleyball ended I had no clue what to do with my time. I talked to my friend about my issue and she suggested helping her as a tech person for the school play. And so I decided to take a risk and do something that I hadn't reall (More)
NIGHTMARE: baba's ghosts DREAM DATE: 11/25/18 {NIGHTMARE} I had never been more sad that the (More)
==> land
The raft did not reach land for several days, but the Monkey King’s determination did not wane. When he did finally reach a shallow point, he leaped off of the raft and (More)
NIGHTMARE: everybody's dead NIGHTMARE DATE: November 5th, 2018. All the residents of (More)
The monkey soon grew control and began exploring the land. He lived off the plants that grew on the mountain and was able to befriend all of the wild creatures that roamed. Other monkeys lived there too, and they often relaxed and played together. (More)
==> begin.
This story is based off of Journey to the West. It is a rather interesting (if somewhat long) read, but a good summary can be found here (More)
naruto attacked me (in my dream) Dream Date: September 27th, 2018. My plane had finally touched down. The tiny airplane held just me and my friends, and was now s (More)
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