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photo story
         I skulk through this building. Passing sights that once brought chills rushing down to my very soul. Memories crawl up my back, yet I don’t (More)
Hosting an exchange student
For the past ten days I've hosted an exchange from Singapore. I had such an amazing time the whole summit and I'll try to write about my favorite parts here. The first night I waited at the airport for about an hour while my student Randelle and t (More)
guest dreamer: texting your dog
  My friend Diego had a pretty amusing dream, so I thought I'd post about it here. He was lying in his bed, and was about to go to sleep, when he reali (More)
my favorite reoccurring dream
I always have this dream. It's a warped version of my neighborhood, with giant trees and buildings much taller than they truly are. The trees crowns brush the clouds, and the ground far below is covered in pillowy grass and wildflowers. But every (More)
Fite fite fite
Facing the giant demon, Sun Wukong leapt to punch its face. However, the blow was blocked by a massive hand. It laughed and swung its massive sword, which was easily dodged (More)
Sun Wukong: Return
The Monkey King departed soon and, using one of the many spells he had learned over the many years, arrived back at the Mountain of Flower and Fruit within a few hours. H (More)
NIGHTMARE: what parents sacrifice
    I'm always aware of how much my parents do for me, and how much of their lives they give up to make their children happier and healthier. I guess this awareness manifests itself in my dreams. My existence and purpose in thi (More)
The time came when the other disciples asked Sun Wukong of the magics he had learned. The monkey was eager to talk, attributing his mastery of the spells to the Immortal as (More)
Walking in a random direction and seeing where I go
Over break I went on a lot of bike rides and walks to fight boredom and not get super out of shape. I was going on a bike ride with my friend and we stopped at a playground and walked around for a little, but after a while I suggested that we should (More)
Sun Wukong: Learn
The other disciples were angry at Sun Wukong for driving off the master. To them, he had offended by refusing to learn. Despite their loathing, the Monkey King was chee (More)
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