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Help, I’ve Lost Control of My Blog
I can’t make categories, pages, or ROBLOX games. Well, why would I want to do that? Anyway, I can’t update the news anymore, so I just say the latest news now.   5/18/18 Have you ever checked my post in the blog takeover on Sharing Our (More)
The Storm
This is not a poem. I know that I’ve been poeting (is that a word?) a lot, but that was mostly because I had to work on a poetry project for school and I wanted to share some of the poems with you because I haven’t been posting very often (sorry). Bu (More)
The Scariest Day in April
BOO! Ha, gotcha. Be scared, ‘cause it’s Friday the 13th! Do you know the scariest part (More)
Incredible Amounts of Wind
Yesterday, I woke up to find a loud whooshing noise. I also saw that my iPad/alarm clock was not at my bed. It usually isn’t at my bed when school is cancelled, so I waited until the time that I normally wake up at when my alarm goes off (I wake up e (More)
An Absolutely Horrible Day at School
OMG! I had a horrible day yesterday. First, yesterday morning I woke up and it was an A day. A days have such boring classes. The morning was fine. By the way, I checked the weather, and in the world map of temperatures, I scrolled through the foreca (More)