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Maybe next time
Even though this blog is mainly about creative writing, I mentioned that gymnastics is a huge part of my life and that I may blog about it from time to time. Recently, I've been pretty frustrated about gymnastics, and practices have been kinda rough, (More)
NIGHTMARE: what parents sacrifice
    I'm always aware of how much my parents do for me, and how much of their lives they give up to make their children happier and healthier. I guess this awareness manifests itself in my dreams. My existence and purpose in thi (More)
what do you dream about?
  Hey y'all! I hope you have had a great snow day! Since I post so much about my dreams, its would be super interesting if maybe you commented a short summary of one of yours under this post so I can read them :). It would be really fun a (More)
glass house
  dream date: about a month ago? The house I lived in was made of glass. Eternal, never-ending sunlight filtered through the glass walls and bounced off of them, so it was like I was living inside of a diamond. Everything was tinted a (More)
the most realistic dream I ever had
dream date: sometime towards the end of 9th grade I usually look forward to my dreams, and think of them as I drift off to sleep, but that night I had only one thing on my mind. My math test was the next day, and I NEEDED at least 7 hours of s (More)
The Outside
This one is called The Outside. It takes place in a futuristic/dystopian-ish setting. I started writing this story when I was in sixth grade, and though I got pretty far, I never finished. I wanted to start off with it because it is one my better one (More)
NIGHTMARE: baba's ghosts DREAM DATE: 11/25/18 {NIGHTMARE} I had never been more sad that the (More)
NIGHTMARE: everybody's dead NIGHTMARE DATE: November 5th, 2018. All the residents of (More)
naruto attacked me (in my dream) Dream Date: September 27th, 2018. My plane had finally touched down. The tiny airplane held just me and my friends, and was now s (More)
Flashback to Another Me
Getting back into creative writing has been much harder than I anticipated. Coming up with ideas is challenging, and my previous poem story was as interesting and descriptive as I think it could’ve been. So, I decided to look through the many stories (More)
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