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Chapter 1 of Just Try and Stop me: A.D. May 10, 2019
This is another one of my many crazed projects. This one is a story in the vein of Sarah J Maas but in my own voice. It is sort of a blend of a lot of things, and doesn't have a particular time period. I have been told that it has better voice than m (More)
The Outside: Chapter four- part 1
The next part to The Outside. I think by this point I was at the end of sixth grade. Chapter 4: Rendezvous Seth and Taylor waited anxiously in front of (More)
My Untold Stories
Over the years I've had a lot of ideas in my head about possible stories I could write. A few of them I did start putting onto paper, but most of them I never actually got around to writing. Here I am going to share a few of these ideas, and let me k (More)
shout out Kate! (author of GETS SPOOKED)
I'm not used to seeing other dream diary entries on our blog sites, so I was super excited when I saw that this amazing blogger posted he (More)
guest dreamer: texting your dog
  My friend Diego had a pretty amusing dream, so I thought I'd post about it here. He was lying in his bed, and was about to go to sleep, when he reali (More)
Chapter 1 A.D. March 8, 2019
Hello again. This week I am going to share another piece of my writing with you all. This isn't a poem though, this week I decided to switch it up and share the first chapter of a story that I am writing. I have been writing it for a while now, and p (More)
my favorite reoccurring dream
I always have this dream. It's a warped version of my neighborhood, with giant trees and buildings much taller than they truly are. The trees crowns brush the clouds, and the ground far below is covered in pillowy grass and wildflowers. But every (More)
Maybe next time
Even though this blog is mainly about creative writing, I mentioned that gymnastics is a huge part of my life and that I may blog about it from time to time. Recently, I've been pretty frustrated about gymnastics, and practices have been kinda rough, (More)
NIGHTMARE: what parents sacrifice
    I'm always aware of how much my parents do for me, and how much of their lives they give up to make their children happier and healthier. I guess this awareness manifests itself in my dreams. My existence and purpose in thi (More)
what do you dream about?
  Hey y'all! I hope you have had a great snow day! Since I post so much about my dreams, its would be super interesting if maybe you commented a short summary of one of yours under this post so I can read them :). It would be really fun a (More)
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