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Rome and America are very similar. In Rome the rich people didn’t care and did little to no work. Just like present  day America. Romans relied on slavery to complete work and women had no rights. And at the start of America it was the same thing. (More)
Are the Poor Taxed More?
Names: Mia Baltimore and Anna Lewczyk Are the Poor Taxed More? Have you ever wondered why someone else's taxes are much less or much more than yours... Overt (More)
Increased use of spaces put how many romans out of work?
  In ancient rome the slave to free ratio was 1 to 3. Slaves made up 40% of the population. By 2030 scientists believe machine automation could displace up to 30% of jobs Basic jobs In ancient rome slaves did the majority of the work cl (More)
Is America The New Rome...??
...Fated to fail From the start, Rome was destined to absolute monumental failure.  It started out small like every other empire but there came a point wher (More)
Fall of Rome
The Roman Empire Was Just Too Big Ancient Rome." Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 10 Jul. 2017.    Tsc (More)
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