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RICH VS. POOR (Is America the next rome?) By Tamanna Shaikh
I am sure you have heard the news… Every time you turn on the TV, you hear something horrific that is going in the US. While I personally try not pay attention the negative news, I found myself wondering what was real and what wasn’t. Where the (More)
A Path Towards A Civil War
Heading Towards A Civil War. by Aldan W and Jackson K For a nation that has been around for 242 years should would begin to worry about the downfall of america? This idea has become for apparent in recent years due to the huge disagreements in (More)
Are Rich Americans getting Lazier with more Problems??
Joi Wilson and Grace Monroy Are rich Americans getting lazier with more problems? Whenever there is a Pollution or Government problem, people with less money tend to try to fix it. Some rich people will help, but we’re not seeing that much partic (More)
The Usa could end during the election
The United States could end on any election. The next one in a few years, the one after that, it could end at anytime. The things that could happen within the year of the election process could start a civil war between anything. It could be a simple (More)
Rome's Slaves Are Like Americans Machine’s
  Rome's Slaves Are Like Americans Machine’s Increase in  slavery put many Romans out of work.  In America new machines put workers out of work. Over 2,000 years ago Rome’s people were losing jobs do to the increase in slavery. While we don’t ha (More)
Is America's army the new power house like rome?
 By: Kiran Ahmed, Wilson Ritterpusch, Veronica Swartz   BAD GENERALS bad generals were a common thing in Rome. We may be going through the same thing in America.  You see, is in good time right now but it might be going through a decline s (More)
Is their a civil war in the future for the U.S.
By: Charlie Mercer and Justin Teer   Is There a Civil War in the Future for the U.S.?   Most people don’t think it is possible but is there a civil war in the future of the U.S.   As I have been reading more and more about (More)
Rome was not able to control their government: Is America next?
By David Lancaster, Quin Gutierrez In ancient Rome, we suffered many problems that we suffer now in present-day America. Back in the day, Rome wasn’t able to feed their citizens and a major decrease in population. This decrease made it really (More)
how Rome and America completely changed over 2000 years.
hayden burn and olivia ianizzi How Rome and America completely changed in 2000 years I think that Rome and america are different in terms of population shrinking and farming and this is why: Did you know?.... That the US population is ov (More)
Could America meet the same fate as Rome?
By: Jordan Harris If you aren’t aware, our president is constantly putting the safety of our home state at risk and at this point, basically have no say in the decisions. There is nothing we can do to change the way our president does things be (More)
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