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Stamps, stamps, stamps You press them down on your hands You also use them on important papers Because they get sent to important people later But there are times when the ink gets all over you, And it may look like you are turning blue! But ov (More)
The Random Ad of Randomality
Fortnite gave out ads To people without the pass They gave one to me (More)
Yesterday, I beat Terraria… maybe. I really did fight and defeat the final boss, the Moon Lord, and I got the Champion of Terraria achievement, but Henry’s brother stole all the drops of the Moon Lord because it was HIS WORLD and I didn’t really cont (More)
If you don’t comment on my blog I will feel lonely and if I feel lonely then I will feel depressed and if I feel depressed than you will feel depressed because I feel depressed and I will write posts about being depressed and there will be entire pos (More)
My 2nd Class with the Same Teacher!
This morning, my science teacher was not here (no known reason why. I think she was lounging in a spa), so an English teacher was the sub (I don’t know why it was an English teacher). We are doing a project where a my partner and I are meteorologists (More)
The Invitation to Write
Every time we have notebook journey (free writing time) my English teacher puts an Invitation to Write on the board. It’s basically a list of ideas for what to write when you don’t know what to write about. I don’t know what to blog about sooooooo… (More)
Is VEX Robotics Fun?
Maybe. It is kind of fun, but we always have to watch boring videos. I like coding and testing the robot, but doing everything else is boring. I like seeing that what I did with the robot (well, me and my group) was made by ME (and my groups). That i (More)
My Spring Break Trip to the Grand Canyon (and my grandparents house)
Exactly a week from now, I am going on a plane to a very hot place in the U.S.A. You probably know where because you read the title like a normal person would do, but if you are absolutely insane and didn’t read the title, then you don’t know that I (More)
Arizona is Great!
Sorry I haven’t been blogging, but I am just too busy to be able to have time to blog. With vacation and school and stuff, I never ever ever get time to do much (not even Terraria!), so there isn’t much chance of having time to blog. Anyway, the topi (More)
Poetry Friday/SOL
Poems are a road of twist and turn Poems are a road of no return Poems can be wise or poems can be soft Poems can rise or poems can be on a loft Poems can make you quiver Poems can make you drop Poems are the life of creativity at i (More)
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