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New Things Are Happening!!!
Oh my gosh I have so many thing to talk about! I have a new chew toy, I’m gonna have a new cage,and I met someone new, but I have bad news, I’m about to be a big brother. Let me start explaining the good news. My moms bought me some apple chew toy (More)
I can do it!
I am thinking of not doing the challenge anymore, but we only have ten more days until the challenge is over. I missed a lot of days so that's why I think that I should not do the challenge anymore. I can do it! I am almost there. We have no school t (More)
Ok, so have you ever wanted to camp on a real battleship. Well I got to so, yeah. Basically on Saturday March 17th at 6:00 am. I got up and ready to go to the battleship. I was going to camp on the USS new jersey battleship and have LOTS OF FUN. I wa (More)
My Weekend
On my Weekend our friend came to sleepover and he left in the morning. On Saturday we watched movies and seasons and watched Thor Ragnorok. We had lots of hom (More)
Nature's Sounds you hear that? That is the gentle sound of water trickling over rocks. I love listening to the sounds of nature, but I think my favorites ar (More)
Lack of Snow Haiku
Glum. Where is the snow?  Predictions...never correct. And now? Discontent...   I was counting on it. The snow. I was so sure that it would be here this sure that I didn't prepare my slice the day before. (Rookie mistake.) I was (More)
Canva, Picture Maker Software
Every single thing you search up, there is 1,000 pictures that cost 1 USD. Every. Single. Search. Well, unless you search up Terraria, in which there aren’t any results. I use Canva to make all my pictures, and every single one of them is made of fre (More)
Caution: Severely boring!
I have no clue what to write about. My head is empty. I don’t have my blogging calendar, so I can’t look at what I was going to write about today. I don’t know how I am going to get this blog all the way up to 100 words. That is going to be my challe (More)
We lost:( But It's okay
Today in lacrosse we had a scrimmage. It is basically a practice, because the scores don’t really matter and your supposed to learn from it. We did pretty good, except the field we were on was really bumpy and we usually play on turf. Since it was so (More)
I Am So Excited for Spring Break!
I am so excited, because this week is the week before spring break. I only have a four day week, because on Friday I am flying to Miami to get on a cruise. I am so excited, because it is a Disney Cruise and we are going to a bunch of beaches. But I a (More)
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