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Sketchbook 6.1
Sketchbook 6.2
For my new pieces I really want to incorporate more emotion through my work like i did with my first one. I feel like Im loosing my touch of connection through my pieces, I want to push my emotional connection in hopes for other people to understand (More)
this piece is the completed version of my body dysmorphia piece. i wanted to keep this one a bit more simple and less exaggerated, like most of m (More)
sketchbook 6.1
this sketchbook assignment is focused on schizophrenia. I wanted it to be a bit different from my usual pieces and wanted it to be a bit more cha (More)
My concentration
My concentration is based around mental illness and trying to give people a visual on what types of feeling there are and what goes on in the mind. I have been using mixed media in most of my pieces because it gives this chaotic and busy aura in all (More)
Looking back at all my work, I realized how much my technique has changed. I have been using many more reference images and I also try to sketch out my idea before I complete it. Not only that, but my style has also changed. I used to work more with (More)
Sketchbook 5.2
Literally Feeling Stuck in a Box
Once again this site will not allow me to upload the photo of my spread so I am sorry. For 5.2 I focused on reference photos and working out my final sketch for my piece. For my fifth piece I was having trouble coming up with ideas because I was tryi (More)
The photo for my 5.1 spread would not upload so I can't visually show it, but basically for my fifth work I focused on claustrophobia (the fear of enclosed spaces. I wanted to used either watercolor or sharpie pen for this. For my idea I was having t (More)
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