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Sketchbook Post 7.2
I recently learned of a new phenomenon known as hyperthymesia, which is a condition in which a person possesses an autobiographical memory, meaning they can recall a vast majority of personal experiences and events in his or her life. This was a ment (More)
to help build my portfolio, i talks to my psychology teacher to see if my visualizations were on track to what emotion and feeling i was trying to evoke. While showing her my sketchbook spreads and thought processes i realized i was going above and b (More)
sketchbook spread 7.2
for this piece i wanted to dive into obsessive compulsive disorder. i wanted it to be a bit different than my other pieces, where i would mainly (More)
Throughout my pieces, I tried to express mental illness and emotions people have trouble describing. I tried tone expressive in my technique and line works.  I learned that through my line works, I shouldn't just keep it thin, but I should add more w (More)
Sketchbook 6.1
Sketchbook 6.2
For my new pieces I really want to incorporate more emotion through my work like i did with my first one. I feel like Im loosing my touch of connection through my pieces, I want to push my emotional connection in hopes for other people to understand (More)
this piece is the completed version of my body dysmorphia piece. i wanted to keep this one a bit more simple and less exaggerated, like most of m (More)
sketchbook 6.1
this sketchbook assignment is focused on schizophrenia. I wanted it to be a bit different from my usual pieces and wanted it to be a bit more cha (More)
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