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If I were royalty?
If I was royalty I would like to be part of the British royal family. I would try to strengthen the connections with other countries. I would also help the poor in the county. (More)
If I were...
If I was a queen I would give lots of money to charities. I would also give money to the people who don't have money and that suffer from sickness. I don't get how you have lots of money, you could share the money with charities and people who actual (More)
Today was Awesome
Today I finished my maze and I got to the yellow part of my maze. We got to know about the reading festival where we can get free books and prizes. Also we heard that the Academies of Loudoun holding a event called Hackathon. If I were royalty I w (More)
If I was royalty
I'd give it up Because I want to do my own stuff like explore. I've been given many chances to do stuff and I rejected it.   (More)
If I where royalty...
If I where royalty I would help the poor because it would raise my power since I would have more people to honor me since I would help them get out of being poor. I would also get a lot of allies so if I where to bet in a conflict I would have more a (More)
If I were royalty...
If I was royalty I would give away and keep it at the same time. I would want to live a normal life because I think that that builds character, but I would also want to keep it to help people. If I do keep a normal life and still be a queen then I ca (More)
If I were royalty...
If I were royalty I would help the poor because they don't have what they need and most of the time what they want and I think helping our people will build trust in each other and make us better. (More)
If I were royalty...
If I was a member of royalty and I had power, then, I would try to make everyplace safer. I would also make education really mandatory. I would try to be a fair ruler and make things better. (More)
If I were royalty?!
Well first what I would do is help the poor. Then I would just leave the royalty life and be freeeeeeeeeeeee. Why? Well I don't want to be locked up in a castle with lots of rules and a specific way for life. What I mean by that is you have to be loc (More)
If I were royalty..
If I were royalty I would treat people that aren't a lower status than me. I wouldn't abuse my power as royalty. Abusing power means giving someone a severe punishment for saying that I am a horrible person. I would use my power to help people that a (More)
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