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How my mindset changed during the beginning of the year...
I think the way how my mindset changed is how I become more of a smarter and calmer because at the beginning of the year I was acting like a fifth grade student. Now I'm more calm and responsible now I can be considered as a friend to people who were (More)
How has your mindset changed since the beginning of the year? I think my mindset changed because at the beginning of the year, it was a fresh start. It was a fresh start from last year. And at first I wasn’t really happy about start something new. (More)
My mindset has changed by a bit. When I was offered a chance to come to Level Up, I didn't want to come. But, my mom convinced me to go, so I turned the form in. Now, I enjoy coming to Level Up because I made some new friends. The things we do are fu (More)
How has your mindset change.
I look at homework differently. Compared to the begining of the year. In the begining I thought homework was a waste of time, but now I see it as me practicing more than expected. (More)
How I am now than before
I think my mindset changed since the beginning of the year because I am more detailed with my writing and I am more appreciative to why I am here and staying at one thing and being patient with the people I work with. I think I’m a better person beca (More)
Changed Mindset
My mindset has changed a lot because now I look at things differently since I came to level up. It help me look at things that are not that fun to be exciting and interesting. I like my changed mindset because it helps me in life. (More)
I am not really sure how mindset has changed the beginning of this year, but it definitely has.  I think that earlier in the year I didn't work that hard on things, now I feel like I'm getting more done. There are other things that have changed, but (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
I thought the pictures of your elaborate Cue course was a bonus feature to your blog!  Nice work.  You gave the reader a good bit o (More)
If I were royalty
If I were royalty I would most likely give up my position. I don't want to be treated like a god, i want to be like a human being. (More)
What happen
Today we finished coding. It was almost successful but the ending was so close to being done. We would need more time. If I were royalty i would feed the homeless and poor. Help people who are financially struggling. Also I would like to give student (More)
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