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Explore in space
If I went to space the first place I would go to Pluto because I think no one has been there and I want to be the first person on Pluto. When I was little, I watched this show that had a dog named “Pluto.” It was my favorite show and I wanted to have (More)
How has your mindset changed since the beginning of the year?
How has your mindset changed since the beginning of the year? Something that has changed is my overthinking. NOW! I do it every day, all I do is overthink problems. Something I also changed are my goals. At first I didn't really think of it but now t (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
My Queen! Your post was touching, 882441.  I appreciated the attention you gave to people who "suffer" from sickness.  You are royalty at heart!! (More)
How your mindset changed since the beginning of the year.
My mindset changed from being a 5th grader to being a 6th grader. I also feel like I work harder and try to complete tasks when I start them. (More)
How my mind set changed
My mind set in the beginning of the  year was just about robots. Now problems are getting worse and we need solutions to it. (More)
Today was Awesome
Today Joel made a design that looks really awesome. Also a graduate student from the M.I.T made an algorithm and help get the first ever picture of a black hole. We have to make a bunker that can protect a 4 person family if a meteor fell in Alabrask (More)
How has my mind set changed since the beginning of edge?
Edge hasn't really changed my mind set too much. But it did change how I interpret somethings. (More)
Since the beginning of the year...
Since the beginning of the year I liked different things and I've been focusing on things that are more challenging than average because before I used to work on things that are really easy to just finish quickly but now I actually put time and effor (More)
How my mindset has changed..
I don't think that my mindset has changed a huge amount, but it definetly has changed. I think that's also affected my behavior. In the beginning of the year I was very anxious and I would be very shy and I think that has changed. I'm not anxious any (More)
How did my mindset change
In the beginning of the year I used to do my homework in bed watching youtube or Netflix. That distracted me and got some questions wrong but now I sit on my desk and concentrate better. (More)
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