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What Am I Doing That I'm Most Focused On
I am most focused while I am drawing. I have always liked the process of drawing so I'm mostly focused on that. Drawing makes me feel very relaxed and focused on something I like to do. (More)
When do you feel most focused?
When do I feel focused? Well I know that one time I feel focused is when listening to music. Some teachers say OOOH that doesn't help you it makes you get off track. Well for me not it does not! Most of the time I feel like the music is even playing. (More)
IMMMm bAck okaY
I feel like when I'm most focused is when I do my homework, and I'm most focused. Because homework is really important to me and If I never finish my work, I got really scared that I'm not going to be able to finish it. Or anything that really goes t (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
Nice recap on our field trip to the Academies of Loudoun!  It was a fantastic experience and you described our Makerspace experience perfectly! (More)
I am afraid of not knowing what to write. Like when we have to do these reflections I sometimes just can't figure out what to write. What are you going to do if you can't possibly think of anything? (More)
Something That I Used To Be Afraid of
I used to be afraid of airplanes. I was scared of airplanes because it was a form of transportation that would be over 30,000 feet in the air. I am not scared of airplanes anymore as any ride that I went on had no complications. The chance of dying w (More)
Today was Awesome
Today we got to do another two math challenges and I got them both right expect number 4-ish. We got to program the sphero and I needed help to find out how to code it. I'm was afraid of height, but I got over it because I just got used to heights. (More)
What are you afraid of?
Things that aren't real or the unexplained. Why? Well because you can't explain it nor you can't explain why it happens. Ghosts are one thing. I'm not scared of ghosts but knowing that it's something watching you that you can't see nor can you make i (More)
Did I overcome fear
Before I tell what i overcomed of fear. Today we chose ours robots. Roy,vinh and I started building the maze we made a big Chungus and the beginning and ending. What I used to fear was the dark. When i was little my dad chose to see if i can overcome (More)
what am I afraid of
My biggest fear is heights. I remember the Wilshire Grand Center . (More)
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