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Blogger Shout Out!
Flamingnight!  You may not have had much to say, but you stepped up the game for the whole class with a hyperlink!  Nice!  I loved the building specs!  Well played (More)
What do I do when I'm the most focussed?
When I'm really focused I play round with puzzles like Rubix Cubes and jigsaw puzzles. Sometimes when I'm really focused I don't even notice because I'm doing it for a long time and it feels normal. (More)
what i'm focused on
I'm focused on sleeping. In fact I focus so much that I sleep 12 hours a day, but when I don't sleep, a lot my day gets ruined. (More)
Today was Awesome
Today I got to program the sphero again and I made part of my code. I brought my form today and I can't wait to go in July. I also finish all my 4 math challenges today. I feel the most focused when almost nobody is talking because I don't hear pe (More)
My most focused topic..
I am really focused in something sharp like a puzzle I love finding out new things and putting things back together. Hard things make me work hard and make me be concentrated in my work. (More)
The most focused...
I think I am the most focused when I am building something that takes a long time to build like a robot. I want to finish it and begin to mess around with it. I like it when I finish something that I have been working on for a long time, messing arou (More)
I feel most focused playing GetMIT because I really like trying to get MIT and because I want to get more MIT’s than my sister. GetMIT is like 2048. (More)
What I do when Im most focused
I do Rubix Cubes because It is pretty hard and I usually say it is impossible. I also do homework and I do not do work in my head, most is on paper. (More)
I am most focused when I play Fortnight, because you have to react to enemy fire. (More)
When I most focus
I most focus when I'm interested in something. I also am focused when the teacher is teaching, and when doing homework. Why? I really am focused in school because I make sure I get good grades and I try my best. (More)
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