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What Is My Greatest Talent?
I think my greatest talent is to be able to remember things. I remember even the some of the smallest of details. One time, I went to the mall and lost my phone. Then, I remembered I left it in a fitting room at a store. I walked into the store to fi (More)
MY talent
I think that my talent is that when a new activity comes my way I catch on. My strength is  learning new things. Learning has always been easy for me. Even if what I am working on is boring, I would still try to learn how to do it. (More)
My greatest talent
My greatest talent is sports and handwriting.  The first thing I do when I get home is to practice soccer and after that I do my homework and my mom gets me to do the handwriting practice she says me to take a magazine and write one page from it and (More)
What is my talent and why...
I have a talent that I can do more each day like grow stronger, more confident, more smarter. These are things that scholars do, pushing themselves to do more and more each day. It's simple to be a scholar, because you just got to do more and more ea (More)
Favorite Things to do
My favorite thing to do at level up is eating in the beginning. At home though, my favorite thing to do is to hangout with my friends and family. (More)
What I like is?
I like nothing because I don't understand this and it is a bit fun. (More)
What Is My Favorite Thing To Do In Level Up & Home?
My favorite thing to do in Level Up is do hands on experiments. Experiments are really fun in my opinion. My favorite thing to do at home is to draw. Drawing is a really relaxing thing for me. (More)
Favorite thing?
EATING SNACKS!!!! Ok ok yes I like eating snacks but apart from that I like that fact that get to social with others by working together with them on the project we have to do. Working with he teachers and students is so nice because you get to know (More)
Favorite thing in level up, Favorite thing at home.
My favorite thing in level up is at the start of level up because it lets us chill and socialize with our friends. It also lets us eat some great snacks. My favorite thing to do at home is to play video games such as fortnite, fifa apex legends etc.. (More)
My fav and why
Today was awesome although I didn't get to do a lot of the options. It was all very fun I think the best thing I did today was analysing the documents it was all very fun because we got to use a magnifying glass and a blue light I loved doing all of (More)
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