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Blogger Shout Out!
I knew you had it in you 854226!  Great blog.  Thank you for sharing your story with us.  Attending MIT is a worthy goal!  Keep at it! (More)
I think that some of my greatest talents is when it comes to engineering and math. I think that I am good at engineering and math, based on the fact that people are always surprised by my solutions to problems. I also think that I am talented when it (More)
I have alots of talents. I am really good at math. I also am really good at going laying down on the couch sitting and chilling. (More)
Today was Awesome
Today we got to vote for who it was that stole the gold. I brought the form today and I can't wait to go and I'm thinking I might want to go there for high school. My greatest talent is doing math because I am really good at it. (More)
Greatest Talent
I think my greatest talent is being small/ short and very light. I am great at this because I have been like this since I was born. I am short/small because I am Asian and my mom is short. We are the same size right now. (More)
My talent is being good at art kinda? I'm good at not coming up with stuff.  So here's my blog and why all it says is this. I enjoy art and I'm kinda good at it so that's fun but when coming up with something to draw or something else that's why this (More)
My greatest talent!
I think my greatest talent is eating goldfish because goldfish is sooo goooood! That I'm the best at eating them. Mostly the cheddar ones and the colorful ones! Those are the best ones ever! (More)
What is my greatest talent.
I have none sorry. :p (More)
My greatest talent
For me I am Really good at soccer because I am the star of my soccer team. They cannot win without me, but it is not all about me Because the teammates are also a really big part of the team. (More)
I think my talent is playing soccer because I think I am pretty good. I have also been playing since I was 5 with my big brother. I also think this is my talent because I have been called good by my peers and coach and my dad. I know this might be a (More)
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