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If you could receive a medal for something outstanding. what could it be and why? For solving something important or solving an unsolved case.  Why? well  now everyone knows what really happen because of me and it would probably be fun to just find o (More)
I think I would get a medal for eating goldfish because I love goldfish a lot. It is so good and I would get a medal for it. AND NOBODY WILL BET ME EVER. I MEAN EVER!!! (More)
I would receive a medal
If I were to receive a medal it would be for the most Oreos consumed. (More)
My Medal and Today
Today was fun because my team was doing challenges while making a flag. I would want today to be everyday. If I had a medal, I would want me winning the medal by playing volleyball, because that is my favorite sport and I have fun doing it. If I didn (More)
What we did
Today what we did was that we talked a little about the flag, and we kept trying to try to find who the criminal was (More)
What would I like to have as a medal if I won a award...
If I won a medal, it would be to be a master of disguise because I would wear teen clothes and go to highschool to see if people are holding any weapons. If I see the guy I would go to the principal and tell them that a kid in whatever grade has a we (More)
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