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SRMS Level Up Flag!
It was a great competition!  Congrats Joel! (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
Great blog  on getting a medal, Poker 23!  I bet someday you will be up on a stage receiving something bright and shiny for science (More)
Bravest thing I ever did..
When I was about 5 there was this one girl, I wouldn't really call it bullying it was more of teasing and just picking on me. I was new to the contry and I didn't really know how to speak English that well and she picked on me for it. She used to mim (More)
Today was Awesome
We got to vote for the flags and I voted for Joel. Then we went to the other room and we got to see "blood" and it looked cool except for the pink ones. The bravest thing I did was, rock climbing because I was really scared of heights and I did it be (More)
whats the brave thing I've ever done???????????
It was a normal day we went to the community pool. My cousin dared me to jump of the diving board into 12 feet water. I was so scared I really didn't wanna go. NEXT thing I know was SPLASH. My cousin pushed me. I wasnt ready so water went into my mou (More)
Bravest thing you've done.
When I was 9 and till now I saved a baby kitten, by giving the kitten some food and water because it would be sad to see a baby kitten to die. Where I live there are a lot of lost cats that don't have shelter or food. I leave food for lost cats every (More)
What's the Bravest Thing I Have Ever Done?
The bravest thing I have ever done was ask a teacher a question. The years before, I was scared of being judged on whatever I said. This school year, I started to gain more confidence and start opening up to new people. This school year has been more (More)
What's the bravest thing you ever done? Bravest thing nah! Don't have one but I am planning on doing something that I haven't been able to do yet. That's telling the truth well I'm not saying I lie but I just don't open up and so I kinda have to tell (More)
Bravest thing you've done
The bravest thing I've probably ever done is kill a spider. This is probably the bravest thing, because I'm terrified of spiders and insects in general. (More)
In I think 4th grade we were required to sing in front of the high schoolers. Showing up was for a grade and so we had no choice. I of course came and sang with almost everybody else. The concert ended up going very well, and now I don't take chorus. (More)
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