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Problem Solver...
I really enjoy sort of engineering problems,  I find them fun. Engineering can be fun because you are solving problems that come up when building new things. Engineering is used in a ton of things, many things that we use everyday. (More)
What problems can I solve?
  I'm really good at finding alternate ways to do something, in a more sufficant way.  I also love organizing things, I love feeling like everything is clean and I think that pushes my interest in liking to organize things. My mom always used (More)
I'm good at solving puzzles.
I'm good at solving puzzles In video games I can solve puzzles and in real life. I can solve a rubix cube in five minutes. I always seem to find a way through a problem or puzzles. (More)
What problems are you good at solving?
Well what AM I good at? Well I guess one thing can help investigate? I don't know? Well one thing I do know i'm good at is that I overthink things all the time. When I have problems or someone else has problems I start to think about everything that (More)
If I had a problem to solve...
It would be to try to find a DNA that says they are related. I would take their blood sample by taking a injector and put it on a slide and use a microscope to see what the differences and similarities of their blood and see if they are related or no (More)
What problems are you good at solving?
I am good at solving problems with stories and to find evidence. I love stories that have drama, and it's good to read and I think that it's easier for me to find the problems in the story. (More)
What Problems Am I Good At Solving?
Problems that I am good at solving is cleaning up when there is a huge mess. Cleaning is an important part as you need to have a neat and organized place to thrive and find new ideas. (More)
Problem Solver
Today was cool. Deputy Rivera showed us what he used to do for fingerprints. I'm good at solving algebra math problem because I can solve it really fast. (More)
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