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#1... no #3... no
One thing that I liked about today is the fact that we had to investigate. The part about finding secret thing is just awesome. The fingerprints, the hair it's just all a big mystery. And what would be more awesome is to get it right. (More)
What thing I liked today.
Today, I really liked looking at the different clues and things that were found. It was really cool to look threw the microscopes and to look at the handwriting to guess what suspect it was. It was like a mystery, and I really like mysteries and find (More)
what I liked about today
I liked about how we were solving the mystery with the handwriting. I also liked the chocolate mystery. The thing with fingerprints were they were really smudgey. WHAT I LOVED ABOUT TODAY WAS THE CHOCOLATE! (More)
What is one thing you liked about today
I think I liked the microscope because you had to adjust the focus and it was really challenging. I had a lot of fun because I took a little bit of chocolate, but I gave it back. (More)
poWerPuff girlS scientist
I'm good at solving easy math problems because they are very easy. BAsIc math dUHH. But actually, I think I'm good at solving problems that have bunch of clues. The ones that give you bunch of clues, the more you understand the clues, the more you ge (More)
Officer Rivera Rocks!
Thanks for showing us how true professionals dust for fingerprints.  Now to solve The Great Chocolate Caper .... (More)
Blogger Shout Out!
Nice work, Banana girl!  I loved the idea of investigating space and all that matter.  Know why?  Because it matters! (More)
Thinking a Level Up
Math and powerpuff girls
I'm good at easy and most of the hard problems my teacher gives me. I think I'm smart in math because I can do whatever I get and I know that I am good and I am proud of myself. My favorite subject is math. At the end of the day my group made a name, (More)
The Problems I'm good at solving
If there is no milk,  I will buy some. And if there is a problem with my brothers I help them. And if I'm hungry I eat. (More)
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