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Why did I Like today
I liked doing the hair samples because looking in the microscope is super fun and creating the logo. it looks really cool and I like it a lot. Today was a lot of fun. (More)
What is one thing that you liked about today?
FINDING OUT WHO GAVE THE CHOCOLATES TO MS.MACMILLAN!!! Also doing the analysis because it got us closer to the culprit.  I also enjoyed the fact that we got to find out about the crime scene. (More)
What is one thing that you liked about today
I liked on how we were able to make a logo as a group and how we had to work productivly. (More)
My favorite thing we did today was the hair analysis. I really enjoyed it because we got to look at samples of hair and decide if it matched. (More)
What is something I liked about today?
  I really loved doing the finger print examination, I don't know why but I just really liked finding who did it. Even though my group wasn't here I still did it with Jennifer's group. (More)
the best thing that happened today
The thing I liked about today is when we finishing logo. Joel spent 2 days working on our logo and it turned out to be black and he shouted that we hacked his computer. (More)
What did I like today?
Today we decided our group logo and group name. The other thing we did was seeing the differences in handwriting, hair, and fingerprints. My favorite part was analyzing because we were laughing, but we did work. I didn't like that the teachers didn't (More)
One Thing I Liked About Today
One thing I liked about today was the part where we were working on the flags. (More)
Today we were inspecting evidence from a crime scene to solve a crime. I enjoyed the document analysis part, there were so many differences and similarities in the samples. There was a lot that could be different, the handwriting, maybe the kind of p (More)
powerrrrrrrrrrrpuffffff girlssss
My favorite thing I did today was checking the handwriting. To see who wrote it and what looks the same. It was really fun seeing what was the same and different between each one. Which one was the one who was the closest and the one that wasn't even (More)
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