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I would like to investigate a crime scene, murder scene. Since I was little I was into investigating blood and fingerprints. (More)
I would love to investigate a crime scene because you can find so many fun things like find evidence and do the finger prints. I found that fun and how the people did that crime so I could have more evidence about that crime. (More)
What is a subject/topic you would want to investigate?
Well I would like investigate crime scenes and murders. I don't know why I just find it interesting to see the ways these people kill? It might be weird but I just enjoy to see the creative ways these killers kill. Seeing the crime scene and then fin (More)
Today Was Awesome
Today we learned about fingerprints and we put our finger print on tape. We also drew a picture about what we want the flag to look like. (More)
A murderer scene
I would like to investigate this because I like solving mysteries. Also I have a good eye to find clues, so yeah XD. (More)
what do I what to investigate?
I think I want to investigate genome statistics, because I would want to know if I have a famous relative. I think this would be cool because you can know the true about your family and religious. If I were to do it on random people I think it would (More)
Why I would like to be forensic scientist
The reason why I would like to be a forensic scientist is because they get to go on the crimes scenes.   They also get to analyze blood and sometimes if they found a bullet see what type of gun the bullet  was shot from. They also get to check areas (More)
Session 2, Week 1
Today we started Level Up again with three new students. What did we do, you ask? We learned about forensics and then divided up into two groups one group went to the other room to use microscopes and the other coming up with a map. SO today's questi (More)
I have a goal of trying to learn as much as possible. (More)
Being a forensic scientist
I would enjoy being a forensic scientist because you get to use a microscope and look at details in small things. Also it would help the police find clues in classes. Being a forensic scientist could help mankind to progress medically by looking at s (More)
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