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Flag Design
Flag Brainstorms
Name that Slide!
Fingerprint Investigations
Microscope It!
I would like to investigate crime scenes.The things I want to learn about are fingerprints and  hair samples. I also don't like blood. (More)
What is something that I want to investigate?
Something that I want to if I had the time to is that I would is to explore more about the topic of space. Space is an interesting topic as there are bodies of matter floating somewhere out there. New bodies of mass die or are just getting born. Ther (More)
What is a subject/topic do you want to investigate?
I want to investigate different sea water animals because I think that there are new kinds of sea water species and different facts from any other animal and maybe they have a special hobby underwater. There might not be things we don't know about se (More)
In forensics I think I would want to to investigate how similar are the fingerprints on one persons hand. I want to know how similar are someone's thumb fingerprint. IS someone's thumb fingerprints both arches? (More)
What I like
A topic I would like to investigate is probably crime. Because in crime has many parts to it and once you find something that helps you. Once you start, you can't stop. You need to know what clues come next or the new information someone says. It get (More)
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